Keeping Your Pets Safe & HealthyRegular Exams are Critical to Your Pet's Health

Annual health examinations are important to maintain a pet’s well-being. A careful examination coupled with a detailed history can find many potential health concerns before they manifest into serious issues that could threaten your pet’s well-being.  Medical records are kept to track your pet’s health over the years.  Both our Veterinarians and our Registered Veterinary Technologists work together to create custom wellness plan visits for your pet that with carry them through all life stages.

We have created a calm, relaxing clinic atmosphere and have implemented fear free handling and restraint techniques to minimize anxiety, to help build trust, and to practice low-stress veterinary care.  We also offer treat rewards, and pre-visit pharmaceuticals as options to help your pet feel comfortable while in the clinic.  We want your pet to come for regular wellness checks, to help stay happy and healthy.  A fear free visit makes those experiences positive for all involved…the pet, the client and our team!  Contact us for more information!