Compassionate CareWhen It is Time to Say Goodbye

The bonds created between humans and animals are powerful ones.  They love us unconditionally and have a way of turning around even the very worst of days!  One of the most loving, yet difficult moments any pet owner faces is when it’s time to say goodbye to their beloved friend. Our staff are here to help you assess whether it is the right time, and help guide you through final care decisions, making the transition as painless and comfortable as possible.

Our comfort room allows you and your family the opportunity to spend as much time with your beloved pet prior to, and after, the euthanasia.  This room has been designed with the intention of allowing private, peaceful moments for when it is time to say goodbye.  If you would like to arrange a visit prior to this difficult day, to view the room and to pre-arrange all euthanasia and cremation options with one of our Client Care Representatives we would be more than happy to do so.

To help honor, celebrate, and remember your special pet, we work in partnership with a local Pet Memorial Centre to offer beautiful, handcrafted clay impressions, private cremations, urns, keepsakes, and jewelry.  Please click on the link below for further information on the after-care options available.

Your pet is treated with the utmost dignity and respect during this final act of service.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 780-963-9478 for more guidance, or to book a quality-of-life consultation or euthanasia appointment.