Keeping Your Pets Safe & HealthyNutrition is an Important Part of Every Pet's Health

Fluffy and Fido do not always choose to eat what is good for them.  Sometimes you have to wonder just what they were thinking when they were eating some of the things they get into!

Fluffy’s and Fido’s owners do not always choose the best food for their furry friends.  Marketing by pet food companies and internet rumours often get owners on the wrong track when it comes to their pet’s diet.  Pet nutrition can be a vital part of helping your pet live a happy and healthy life.

The staff at the Yellowhead Veterinary Clinic have a special interest in nutrition and enjoy discussing the benefits of various foods and diets.  Vet recommended diets are formulated with YOUR specific pet’s well-being in mind!

We offer two order options to help ensure your pet’s food is always on hand for easy pick up:

Our EMAIL ORDER option is a quick, easy way to send an email specifically to our ordering staff when your food is getting low.  You can request any personalized instructions at that time, and arrange pick up.  Our email order requests can be emailed to:

You can also order directly through the PET DESK APP – for quick and easy convenience from your phone!

Come by the clinic anytime to discuss our recommended brands of food, and sign up for food orders!  What if your pet is not happy on the new food?  No problem!  Call or book a consult appointment with our RVT’s to discuss alternative food options and recommendations!