Providing Laser Surgery to Edmonton & Stony PlainWhat is laser surgery & why use it?

A laser is an intense beam of light. When doing surgery we can use this light beam to cut through skin and other tissues.

As we move the laser through the tissue the light beam’s heat seals the nerve endings resulting in less pain. The same light energy also caps small blood vessels resulting in less bleeding. A laser doesn’t push down on the tissue as it cuts so there is no crushing or bruising resulting in less swelling.

Many procedures that can be done with a traditional scalpel can be done with a laser.  Special procedures that often bleed a lot with traditional scalpel surgery are well suited to laser surgery.

Spays, neuters, and lump removals are all routinely done at the clinic.  Some facial surgeries such as eyelid and facial fold surgeries may also be simpler with a laser.

In all surgical cases, a consult with our veterinarians is the best way to decide on a custom surgical plan that suits the needs of your pet.  Please contact us for more information!

All breeds of dogs and cats may benefit from laser surgery over traditional blade surgery for surgical procedures!  This is due to the ability to use cautery techniques to eliminate blood loss and decrease the chance of seroma incidents (build up of clear fluid in the tissue).

Breeds that are predisposed to facial fold dermatitis, entropion (eyelids that turn inwards), and skin conditions such as warts and fat lumps, may all benefit from the option of laser surgery if the issue warrants surgical repair.

Because there is a cost difference between the laser surgery option and the traditional blade surgery, please feel free to contact us further to best decide on what is the best surgical plan for your pet!