Taking your pet with you on vacation can be a lot of fun for them, and for the whole family!  It also takes some preparation, to allow for a stress-free, and healthy holiday experience.

Here are a few tips to consider:


  1. Be sure to investigate what requirements are needed to take your pet with you to your destination.  Many countries, including the United States have specific documents and policies.  An export exam may be requested – or other health certificates, and proof of vaccinations.  As these requirements vary per country, START THE RESEARCH PROCESS early!  Some certification or vaccinations may have a timeline as to how soon prior to departure they are completed.  Please note that there may be fees connected to required paperwork and/or endorsement.
  2. A healthy pet will be a happy pet on holiday!  Book a wellness appointment for your pet prior to your holiday.  Not only will this ensure vaccination requirements are up to date, but you can also discuss with the doctor what your travel plans are and receive recommendations for parasite prevention or protection from other illnesses that we may not see in our area but might cause a risk to your pet at your holiday destination.  If your pet is a nervous traveler, a conversation about anti-anxiety medications or other treatments might help prepare for the journey.
  3. A “Stay-cation” is also ok for some pets! In some cases, not all of our furry family members love to travel.  Perhaps a boarding facility or a dog-sitter is a less stressful solution for all involved!  If so, it takes a bit of time and effort to find an option that is the perfect fit.  By taking the time to research, and then book a tour or initial “meet and greet” visit, you give yourself and your pet the ability to feel comfortable with the surroundings.  Most kennels offer a day care option that would allow the chance to spend a few daytime visits prior to staying overnight in a foreign environment.  Some pets are more social than others, so a kennel that has different options for activities, and room (both inside and outside) to play with other animals but also a separate quiet area when needed are great features in a facility.

If you have any other questions regarding your pet and any holiday plans, please reach out to our team at we will be happy to help you figure out a plan that will provide peace of mind while you are away from home!



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