Pampering your pooch with a “pedicure” is something that can be done from home, as well as here at our clinic!  Keeping those nails trimmed can offer many benefits, not only for your dog physically, but for your floors and furniture as well!  The more regular your nail grooming routine, the more accustomed your pet will become to the procedure, and the treats that might be associated with it!

If you happen to cut a little too short, using corn starch to help staunch the bleeding may help.  It works best if you put a small amount in a small container with the corn starch being tightly packed inside.

Nail trims can be a bit daunting for an owner!  The trick is to go slow, and trim a little bit at a time.  Take lots of breaks if needed,  If you can make the experience a positive one for our pup, you will have success!   Lots of praise, lots of pets, and a positive attitude will help this task become one that turns into quality time with your animal!

Check out our video for more information!  Here, our very own Dr. Doornenbal gives a demonstration nail trimming with her own puppy – “Kevin”

As always, we are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have, or supplies you may need!