Why you should choose a better dietHealthy food makes for healthy pets.

Pet nutrition can be a vital part of helping your pet live a happy and healthy life.  Vet recommended diets are formulated with YOUR specific pet’s well-being in mind.  Veterinary diets contain the highest quality ingredients, which remain consistent from bag to bag and are properly balanced.

They do not substitute ingredients based on price and availability, therefore there is not a change in the diet composition from one bag to the next. Consequently, your pet will not experience gastrointestinal or pancreatic upsets associated with sudden diet changes.

The ingredients are properly balanced providing appropriate levels for different life stages and activity levels. The chance of deficiencies and excess of nutrients is therefore eliminated. No supplements are required which is important because:

– Too much protein can result in kidney damage.
– Too much calcium can be related to growth abnormalities, skin problems, and may interfere with other minerals being observed.
– Too much sodium can predispose an animal to heart disease and kidney damage.
– Too much magnesium is a risk in urinary track blockage.
– Supermarket pet foods may have excess nutrients because it is expensive to remove them and the manufacturer may be trying to avoid deficiencies.

High quality protein ingredients are used so that your pet can absorb the protein more efficiently. Even though high quality ingredients cost more, the cost of feeding is about the same as with store bought brands because your pet does not need to eat as much to meet their energy demands. A reduced volume in food will also result in a reduced stool volume. Since the cost of packaging the food is relatively the same, the main difference in the price of food is what goes into them (the better the quality the more expensive ingredients, therefore “you get what you pay for.”)

Contact our clinic for more information on diet recommendations for your pet and their individual needs!